Principal for the day

If I were principal for the day the first thing I would do is have a fun day where everyone is excused from school work and can do fun stuff like play games. The second thing I would do is get pizza for everyone and ice cream. The third thing I would do is have movie rooms set up where kids can go and watch different movies so they have options. The fourth thing I’d do is have a room set up for gaming for people who would want to play video games. I’d also have dodgeball and kickball and different games in the gym for people to play at different times.

I would also have baseball and basketball set up outside for people to play. Another thing I’d do is I’d take everyone to a go-kart and laser tag place so people can pick. I’d also give everyone two homework passes and five bucks for the vending machine. I’d also have four raffles one for a Nintendo switch one for an iPhone 10 one for an oculus and one for Airpod pros. This is what I’d do if I was principal for the day.

Mcdowell school

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