Principal for the day

If I were principal for the day the first thing I would do is have a fun day where everyone is excused from school work and can do fun stuff like play games. The second thing I would do is get pizza for everyone and ice cream. The third thing I would do is have movie rooms set up where kids can go and watch different movies so they have options. The fourth thing I’d do is have a room set up for gaming for people who would want to play video games. I’d also have dodgeball and kickball and different games in the gym for people to play at different times.

I would also have baseball and basketball set up outside for people to play. Another thing I’d do is I’d take everyone to a go-kart and laser tag place so people can pick. I’d also give everyone two homework passes and five bucks for the vending machine. I’d also have four raffles one for a Nintendo switch one for an iPhone 10 one for an oculus and one for Airpod pros. This is what I’d do if I was principal for the day.

Mcdowell school

Three wishes

If I had three wishes one of my wishes would be $10,000,000. I would want this and not infinite money because I don’t know what I would do with the rest. With the ten million dollars, I would donate some and use some to help the homeless by getting them food and clothing. With the rest, I’d use that to get a car, go to college, start a family, and start a business. I’d also give some of it to my parents to help them.

For my second wish, I would want a hypercar collection with Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Koenigseggs. I would want this because they’re a bunch of really cool fast cars. Also, I would want to modify them to make them look and sound crazy. The car I want the most is the Lamborghini vision GT because it’s a beautiful one of a kind car. Another thing is it would be cool to have a lot of hypercars to choose from to take to work.

For my third and final wish, I would want a private airport with an FA-18 and a private jet. I would want the private jet so I wouldn’t have to fly on a regular plane and also because it’s a lot easier. I would also want a private jet so I can watch TV while I fly. I would want an FA-18 so that I could fly around the country really fast. I would also want it so I can go supersonic which would be really fun to do in my opinion. These are the three wishes I would choose If I could choose any three things.

Top ten favorites

Movies                                                                            Games

1: Ready Player One                                                     1: Forza horizon

2: Iron Man                                                                    2: Call of duty

3: Transformers                                                            3: Fortnite

4: Captain America                                                       4: Rocket Leauge

5: Deadpool/ Deadpool 2                                            5: Minecraft

6: Black Panther                                                            6: Among us

7: Star Wars                                                                    7: Beat Saber

8: Thor/ Thor Ragnarok                                              8: Assains Creed

9: Harry Potter                                                               9: Zelda Breathe of the Wild

10: Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse                    10: Just Cause



I created this photo through a website called Canva which has tons of stuff for photo making. I made this photo to represent that I really like to play and watch baseball. I like to play baseball I play outfield and third base I mainly play outfield. I’m a pretty good batter but I’m better at catching in the outfield, I made a double play at practice I caught it then got someone out at second. My dad used to play baseball in high school and could throw from outfield to home plate. I’m going to try to join the school team this year and try to join my friend’s travel team next year.

I want to learn to pitch and become a pitcher for a baseball team and maybe become a catcher later. I also want to work on improving my batting skills and catching skills. One reason I like baseball is that it works all parts of your body like your legs, arms, etc. Another reason I like baseball is that I can get out of the house and do something I enjoy that’s good for you. Also, I get to see my friends (some from school) and hang out with them during practice and games. These are the reasons I enjoy playing baseball.


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